Protecting the environment is now a necessity rather than a cause and at Precise Print we understand that it is not just the quality of the finished product that matters but how it is produced.

Great strides have been made by the paper and print industries in recent years in developing and introducing fresh ranges of paper, manufactured by processes that may; be carbon neutral; require non toxic bleaching agents; use some recycled content; and/or use virgin wood fibr­e sourced from forests that are certified as being well managed and environmentally and economically sustainable.

Our digital paper is supplied by the Xerox Corporation, which sources its products from companies that are committed to sound environmental health and safety practices, sustainable forest management and the conservation of forest ecosystems, biological diversity and soil and water resources.

Recycled paper is ‘greener’ still, its production requires less energy, fewer chemicals and every tonne can save six mature trees and 2.5 cubic metres of landfill*. It may once have been waste but it’s far from rubbish and for many applications provides a viable green alternative to mainstream paper.

We also have experience in the use of printing inks with a vegetable oil base. These are environmentally friendlier to produce than conventional petroleum/solvent based inks, are biodegradable, make paper recycling significantly easier, and, with low vapour emissions, have negligible effects on health or ozone.

Whether you are an individual who cares about the effect that our modern world is having on the planet, or a major company with environmental targets to meet, we can offer help and advice.